Frequently Asked Questions - ZigArt

Frequently Asked Questions

So, what can I do here?

Width ZigArt studio you can create personalized artitic image from your voice in a few simple steps:

1. Record yourself:

Use a microphone to record: A good word for a friend, Quote that inspires you, Or your message to the world

2. Design the waves:

Add to the sound waves your magic touch You can paint, change colors, expand, add text and effects to your artistic picture

3. Download and save:

You can download for free the picture preview or buy at 14$ the High resolution version

At the end, what do i get?

You Get your artistic picture as image file (png);

How do I print it?

You Can use your privte printer or print at any printing shops

It doesn't work for me

To record your voice, your browser needs permission to use the microphone.
To download a picture to your computer or mobile phone, your browser needs to get permission to store images in storage

How can i pay

We use paypal or credit card. We do not store your credit information in any way