Your art

So, what do you want to do with this magnificent piece of art?

Just download the preview (low quality) and play with it a bit


You can buy the art work (high quality), print it and give it as an original and special gift to your friends, loved ones or even yourself. Just imagine your word hanging on the wall of your best friend's house ...

Just 19$

Tap to start recored your voice


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Color palette
Background effects
Add text
Size, space and shape
Extra effect
Zoom in
Zoom out
Expand color palette
Color the table atfdfsjk fdkjdf dfsjhfd dfh green

3 steps to create your artistic gift


Click the mic button and start recored your word, message et cetera


Use tools to design the way you want your sound wave. Play with that.

Save & Download

Download your artisitc picture. free for low qualty.
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